Thank you for your interest in Jayson Jewelers as a prospective contributor to your organization. The spirit of corporate giving is an important part of our company culture. As you can imagine, we are inundated with requests each month. Unfortunately, it is impossible to honor them all. To help us evaluate all requests fairly and consistently, we ask that solicitations for charitable gifts be submitted using our online request form below.

Please take a moment to review our donation policy, as we can only honor requests that meet the following guidelines.

Donation Policy

  • We accept requests from local non-profit organizations only, and will not grant donations to for-profit organizations or businesses. We also do not support personal fundraisers, sports teams, beauty pageants, or sponsorships.
  • We do not make monetary donations.
  • As part of the online request form, you will be asked to provide a non-profit tax ID number.
  • Requests for donations will not be accepted by phone or walk-ins. Please use our online request form below.
  • An organization is limited to only one donation receipt within a 12-month period.
  • We ask that all donation requests be submitted at least 3-4 weeks prior to the date they will be needed. This will allow us ample opportunity to review the information and correspond as necessary.
  • We request a letter of acknowledgement following the donation or event for our own records.
  • Donations must be picked up at the Jayson Jewelers location specified by the applicant.

Fields marked with an * are required

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  • About the donation

  • (Ex. Auction item, raffle, etc…)
  • (If so, please describe)
  • Pickup Information

    Please provide the following information. If your donation is approved, we will need to know how you wish to pick up the item.